Converting 'unsupported' video formats
You are assigned a video project for your Spanish class.  You shoot the video footage with your new Sony camcorder or with the school's Canon camcorder; you download the file to your PC for editing.  When you try to import your video footage into Windows Movie Maker 2.6, you get an error message--Movie Maker doesn't support either .MOV (Sony) or .MP4 (Canon) file types; the file are incompatible!

This is not an uncommon occurrence given the many types of video formats.  In this project, you will be converting a QuickTime movie (a .MOV file-type) to a format that is compatible with Movie Maker using a free program called VideoConverter (You can download this program for your home PC from the iWiSoft site: 

  1. Download the QuickTime movie file Scorpion to your Desktop by right-clicking the link and selecting Save Target As....

  1. Go to My Computer and click on the X-drive [DFS (X:)] under Network drives. 
  2. If you don't have an X-drive showing, click the Tools tab on the My Computer folder, then Map Network Drive...., then select the X: drive and type in \\marist\dfs in the Map Network Drive box as shown below.

  1. On the X-drive, open the Common folder, then the Info Tech folder, and finally the Video Converter folder .
  2. Open the VideoConverter program .  A web page will open to state that 'All of the files installed on your computer are currently up-to-date.'  Close that web page.
  3. After the Video Converter screen appears, you will need to do 4 steps:
    1. Click the Add File button , go to Desktop, and select the file.

    1. Click the Profile drop-menu arrow and select WMV.

    1. Click the Output path button and select your Home (H:) drive.

    1. Click the Start button.
  1. Go to My Computer, open your H-drive,  and rename the scorpion_1 file to yourlastname(Mod)SCORPION.

  1. Remember to delete the file from your Desktop.


  1. Is there an easier way?   More to come...